About Angus

Angus Abercrombie has lived in the Winn Brook neighborhood in Belmont for his entire life. He spent 13 years in the Belmont Public Schools, experiencing firsthand both the incredible quality offered and the deep unmet needs. As a Town Meeting Member, he's fought for the schools, fiscal and government reforms, and a number of other priorities. Angus is running for School Committee to continue and build on that work.

Town Meeting

Angus was elected  to Belmont's Town Meeting with the strongest electoral mandate of any of the body's 288 elected members in April of 2023. Since then, he's pursued policies to support the schools, protect the environment, and fix issues in the town's financial and governance processes. He's excited to continue that work as a member of the School Committee.

Statewide Advocacy

Angus knows the legislature, working on multiple campaigns for state level offices and ballot measures, hosting Belmont Media Center's "Beacon Hill Beat" and making Belmont's needs heard at hearings at the state house. The state is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to digging our town out of its hole, and Angus will leverage his relationships and knowledge to secure the support our schools need to provide state mandated services.

Belmont Schools

Angus attended Winn Brook elementary school, Chenery Middle School, and Belmont High School. Over that time he watched the growing cuts to services, the purchasing freezes, the rising fees, and the changes to education standards that we fell behind on. Belmont's schools have catching up to do, and that includes hearing the viewpoint of someone who was there this decade.